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Kate from the Sunshine State: Kate Hogan

February 1, 2010

Greetings from Tallahassee, Florida! My name is Kate Hogan, and I am a second-year Master’s student in The Florida State University’s Higher Education program. My emphasis within the program is on Student Affairs. I also currently serve as an Assistant Coordinator for the Landis, Gilchrist, and Broward complex. Last year, I oversaw Smith Hall as the Assistant Coordinator.

My first glimpse into the Student Affairs field came in November of 2007, in Burlington, Vermont. I attended the NASPA Region I conference at the University of Vermont, and quickly realized that my interests in Residential Life could become a career. The support I felt from my mentors at Boston College as well as professionals within the field helped me determine the next step in my journey: Florida State.

My experience at Florida State has been a positive and exciting one. I have been fortunate to have wonderful supervisors along my journey (here’s a shout out to Randy Brown and Khorey Baker!), who have taught me immeasurable amounts of life lessons. I strive to be someone who is hard working and dedicated to the students in my buildings. Making personal connections with individual students is a passion of mine. My belief is that if you can connect with one student, you have made their residence hall a place to call home. Forming relationships with students is what motivates me in my career.

As we look ahead to March in the “Windy City” of Chicago, I am filled with excitement about attending my first NASPA annual conference. I am looking forward to speaking with professionals from across the country, and possibility gaining a mentor from an institution that is unfamiliar to me. The spread of ideas from one institution to another is a beneficial and necessary flow, and I hope that I can positively impact my campus by bringing new perspectives gained at the conference to Florida State.

One of my key goals while attending the conference is to attend sessions that push me outside of my comfort zone. There are many presentations scheduled that I would love to attend, yet I would like to attend sessions that will provide me with a well rounded, balanced view of the conference. Although my interests are concentrated in particular categories, I hope to reach outside of those interests and explore other areas and topics.

I plan on attending “Career Paths, Cross Paths, Long Distance Relationships” on Monday morning. This session is particularly interesting to me as I am job searching and also have a partner within the field of student affairs. Navigating a personal and professional decision is difficult, and I hope this session can shed more light on the topic! I also plan on attending “Princeton’s Residential Colleges: Past Ideals, Present Practice.” This session will help me take a closer look at one of my interests within the field, residential colleges. I am also interesting in the session titled, “Genderism: Transgender Students and Binary Systems.” I think this session will help me to realize how our systems often do not allow for transgender or gender neutral individuals to be properly accommodated. Lastly, I think that the session “Student-on-Student Sexual Assault: Ten Critical Practices” will be interesting and useful as I transition into a full time position. Although sexual assault is an area that I have not much experience in, I hope that this session can set a foundation for future crisis situations that may occur.

As you can tell, I am excited for March and cannot wait to experience Chicago for the first time. Although I am anxious about my job search process and the ups and downs that accompany searching, I am thrilled to be a part of an organization like NASPA. Three years ago, NASPA set the framework for my decision to be involved within the field of student affairs. Now, as I embark on another change in my career, NASPA is again the organization that I turn to.

See you in Chicago!


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