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The 3.5ish Paragraph Synopsis: Jacob Goldstein

February 3, 2010

It’s always a challenge to summarize who you are in a concise paragraph that’s both entertaining and informative. Well, here I go.

My name is Jacob Goldstein. I’m in my senior year at Occidental College in Los Angeles, where I am a Sociology major (with a particular interest in gender studies). I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area – San Jose, California, to be specific – allowing me to straddle the fierce Los Angeles vs. San Francisco debate. Much of my interest in Student Affairs stems from my work at Occidental’s Center for Gender Equity, which I helped to form in the 2008-2009 school year. I currently serve as the Center’s first Program Assistant, and have greatly enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that come with starting a new campus institution. At Occidental, I also serve as the President of Queer Straight Alliance, and – for a little balance – as the Co-President of the Yoga Club. In my free time, I love get off campus and hike, take photographs, and continue to explore Los Angeles’ array of museums, restaurants, and neighborhoods.

I hope to gain both immediate and long-term benefits through attending the 2010 NASPA Annual Conference. The conference comes at a critical period in my life; as a dedicated student leader and community organizer, I am eager to find ways to ensure that my passions for gender-based and LGBT academics and activism will not end upon graduation in May. Thus, my biggest goal for the conference is simply to broaden my knowledge of the field. Attending the conference will allow me to interact with Student Affairs professionals (and fellow student professionals) from across the country, and I am eager to see how other colleges and universities structure their Student Affairs departments, as well as gain a sense of field’s current trends and future developments. Long term, attending the conference will provide me with a truly invaluable amount of social networking with Student Affairs administrators, thus allowing me to turn my desire to work for Student Affairs into an attainable possibility.

At the conference it self, I will of course attend the “Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow: Undergraduate Pre-Conference,” as well as the exciting array of featured speakers. Due to my interest in working at an LBGT Center and/or Center for Gender Equity, I plan on joining the “LBGT” and “Men and Masculinities” Knowledge Communities, and  I’m looking forward to attending individual sessions such as “Beyond Rainbows: The Legacy & Future of LGBTQ Inclusion on Campus,” “The Queerevolution: A Panel Discussion on LGBTQ Campus Activism,” and “Boys will be Boys: Hegemonic Masculinity on Men’s Development.” I believe that these sessions will enhance my ability to be an effective student leader at Occidental College. Finally, I plan on attending all relevant receptions and networking events, both for my region and for undergraduate students.

I am grateful for the Golden Key NASPA scholarship providing me the opportunity to jump-start my educational and professional journey towards becoming a Student Affairs administrator. I can’t for March 6th!

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