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CHI-TOWN is hitting a NERVE…oh but I can’t Wait to get there!!: Munirat Adebimpe

March 3, 2010

I am extremely excited beyond belief about this conference especially because of TPE (The Placement Exchange). I have already scheduled two interviews and hoping to schedule a few more in the days to come. Although I am excited I know that I am nervous as anything! I find myself asking my colleagues who have been through this process over and over again… “What was it like? Tell me more”. I am sure they will be glad to be rid of me for a week! There were some jobs that I really wanted to interview for an I have been informed that their interview slots are full and what not but I am not going to let that disappoint me because I know that I will have the opportunity to meet various people and hopefully the opportunity to setup other interviews. I am also exceptionally excited about Chicago because of the art and history the city itself has. I have been contemplating whether to move out there after graduation in May and have been strongly encouraged by many mentors that it would be an exciting move (they all love Chi-Town)! So for this reason, I have been trying arduously to interview with colleges in the Chicago area. It has been hard trying to find jobs in my specific functional area which is multicultural affair but I am very interested in talking with Lee Longhorn who attended the Multicultural Institute in Dallas, I plan on attending the social justice institute this summer and I think we might have some similar passions…Can’t wait to meet you Lee! Job searching and finding a career that suits an individual is an essential process and I hope that Jodi Ceroky and I will be able to have conversations about, especially since the job search is right around the corner. Well I will get back to packing my bags!!! Even that is nerve racking! Can’t wait to see you all!

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