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This is the Fun Part!: John Davenport (TPE Guest Blogger)

March 3, 2010

I’m heading to Chicago and TPE to job search like lots of folks, the difference for me is that after 9 years as a student affairs professional in residence life, I detoured and spent the last 5 years working on my Phd. So now I’m heading back onto the job market and working the placement exchange as candidate for the first time in about 11 years. It’s exciting, because after a few years of teaching grad students in CSPA about the job search process and actually being responsible for hiring grads in my current position, I get to dust off that theoretical stuff and put it to use for myself. Luckily TPE is right up the road from my current home at Illinois State University, so in addition to job searching I get to hit up some of my favorite places to eat and wrap it all up with some home cooking.

After graduate work at Eastern Illinois, and starting out my career at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I had the opportunity to attend my first NASPA conference in 2000. That year the conference was also held in Chicago and it was great to be attending my first National conference in my hometown. At the time I was also interviewing candidates, but I still made time to attend plenty of sessions and begin networking with some of the professionals who have become colleagues and lifelong friends. With placement now being held separately from the conference we candidates can focus on one thing at a time and just enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new connections, oh yeah and also find jobs.

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