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This is it! Chicago here we come :): Tammy Hong

March 4, 2010

It’s finally here! In less than a week, student affairs administrators from across the world will be gathering together for the annual TPE/NASPA 2010 Conference. I can’t wait! I’m super excited and looking forward to meeting new people, and catching up with familiar faces. The conference sessions look to be promising, and Chicago is more than ready for us. Don’t forget to also check out Chicago as well, take time out for yourself, volunteer, and have fun!! 🙂

Have you had a chance to read about the other bloggers and their experiences on this site? They are just absolutely amazing!! I am excited for the undergraduates who will be graduating and pursuing student affairs. For the second years like myself, best of luck in your job search!! 🙂

One thing this blog experience has taught me is to own my identity and experiences. As odd as this may sound, I prefer to not be in the spotlight, and I usually prefer to showcase others. Life isn’t really ever about you, it’s about other people and those relationships you build with them. But at the same time, it is, you have to be true to yourself, and know what it is that you stand for. In my job search process, I’ve undergone mock interviews, resume critiques, etc. I feel like I’m an athlete, preparing to enter into the Olympic Games, but in all reality, the competition is really against myself. In finding an institution to work for, you have to do a lot of searching within yourself to find out what you need to be happy. When you realize this, and realize that it comes down to institutional fit for both the institution and you, you are all the better. And remember, just be you.

I am so glad that TPE has Strengths quest, because it allows candidates to find out their top 5 strengths. In addition, TPE also has webinars to assist candidates and members in their job search. I hope that everyone is utilizing this resource!

Currently, I’m a Redbird at Illinois State University, and a Longhorn alum from the University of Texas at Austin. After The Placement Exchange, or even after graduation, that may or may not change. We’ll see where the next adventure goes, I can’t wait!! I love going to new places, and learning new things.

The speakers lined up for NASPA are going to be AMAZING!!! I’m looking forward to the keynotes, conference sessions, networking, and learning more about the student affairs profession. Who’s ready to be the movement? Let’s go!! See you in Chicago!! Until then, stay warm, and keep on living the legacy!! 🙂

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