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Bird’s Eye View: Sami Ali

March 5, 2010
So, the NUFP fellows have arrived in Chicago. I’ve been to Chicago before, but this is a totally new experience. I feel like we are the children at Thanksgiving dinner. (Yes, I know I’m random.) Remember when you were little and you couldn’t sit at the adult table? You had to sit at the table with the other kids and you wondered what exactly they were talking about in the other room. Were they talking about money? relationships? the MTV shows I wasn’t allowed to watch? Then, there’s that one year where you finally get to sit at the adult table. You don’t know what to expect; you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, only that you’ve been anticipating it for a long while. You’re excited and nervous at the same time.
That’s how NASPA feels right now. It’s like my future is before me – walking around the hotels, interviewing at TPE, playing Wii in the TPE relaxation rooms….. What will it be like to interview for numerous jobs in one day? Where will my first job placement be? How will I learn all the student affairs lingo – do I need to acronym everything? FYE, NSP, SA—what???! Needless to say, it’s fantastic and I’m eating it up! We volunteered today at The Placement Exchange and it is crazy. Cord told us that we would be running mail back and forth between employers and candidates and to be careful because we had “people’s lives in our hands.” Aside from that pressure (thanks, Cord) it was really cool to see how it works and how much really goes on during these few days.
We have an early start tomorrow for the NUFP pre-conference. I’m excited to meet the other undergraduates and get rolling. Who knows what’s waiting for me at the “grown-up” table?
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