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Countdown to Chicago: Emily Roh

March 5, 2010
It just hit me today that I will be in Chicago in just a few days, attending my first national student affairs conference.  I’ve spent the past couple hours figuring out how to get to/from the airports, printing my itinerary, and doing a little research on the mentors I will be meeting with at the conference.  So much to do and so little time!  Luckily, I had a meeting with Susan Komives this past Friday, and she gave me some great tips about attending my first conference:
  • Print out a map of the convention sites, and think about how I will get back and forth for different workshops/meetings.  She also suggested I try to make most/all of my plans mainly in one hotel for each day, cutting down on the times I will need to be outside in the chilly Chicago winter.
  • Plan all my times to meet up with friends now, because I may not have a chance to see them otherwise!
  • Make sure to talk to people around me at workshops, because that’s how I will be able to meet other folks who share my interests
  • Make sure to check out a knowledge community in functional areas that I’m interested in
  • Since I’m interested in doctoral programs, she also recommended I check out the grad school fair
To be honest, when I think about the next few weeks, I feel stressed,  but that’s mostly because of the school/work/life (im)balance this semester.  Preview is going on now, NASPA is next week, I’ll be on an Alternative Spring Break trip the week after, while I’ll be trying to get coursework done.  Grad school is no joke!  However, I am super excited to finally attend my first NASPA conference – I want to take in as much information as I can and meet people who share my passion for diversity and inclusion in student affairs.
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