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Florida and the Windy City don’t mix!: Kelly O’hara (TPE Guest Blogger)

March 5, 2010

The first thing I notice when I landed in Chicago was 1) I packed entirely too much stuff and now I have to carry it everywhere through the city to get to my friend’s apartment and 2) it is VERY cold. My Florida blood is not used to being anything below 40 degrees. Besides the cold and heavy luggage, I was thrilled to be back in Chi-town! I had sent the summer here as an intern at DePaul University and had the time of my life for the short 6 weeks that I spent here. I was hoping to run into every DePaul staff that I knew to catch up and report back my life post internship.  I am not going to lie, I was not nervous at all about the Placement Exchange until I got here and I sat down for my first orientation session. I attended the second one available on Wednesday and unfortunately for me, the room with the multimedia, sound, and power point presentation wasn’t working so we were crammed into a smaller room with no sound. The two ladies giving the orientation were extremely apologetic and tried to speak loudly but it was still impossible to hear them, which definitely did not help the nerves. Luckily, after the presentation was over, I realized I already knew everything that she had presented to us! I have to give out some credit to my professor who took a week to mentally, physically prepare us.

So now, its day two and it’s the first day of employer interviews. Oh no! No matter how many times I check the TPE website or mailbox, not one institution has set up an interview with me before. Ok, don’t panic, people say it’s okay to not have interviews set up before hand. What can I do on my free time since I do not have anything to really do besides stress out? VOLUNTEER! So I decided to give my time back to the TPE. My philosophy: “give a little to get a little.” I was asked to come in 9:45am-1pm. I had the opportunity to deliver candidate mail to the employers, fun! I actually can say I felt like I had the power others future in my hands. I was like the tooth fairy, delivering the “goods” to the right people.

Well 1:00pm rolls around and still nothing in my mailbox. Don’t freak out. Just give it a few more hours and check back later. Enjoy the networking opportunity and do what you can. Way to hard! I’m starting to lose it. Breathe. Ahhhh! So I take a moment and decide to get some lunch with a good friend to clam the nerves. Perfect. Just wanted I needed. So day two is coming to an end. It is time to go home and relax. I am looking forward to getting here early tomorrow morning and checking the mail. I would think it has been a pretty typical for the first interview day. Lets get a good night sleep and hope the best for tomorrow.

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