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Somewhere Between Scared, Nervous, and Excited, You’ll Find Me: Jacob Goldstein

March 5, 2010

For this blog, Nathan wanted us to share the thoughts we are feeling regarding the annual conference – more specifically, whether we are scared, nervous, or excited. I don’t know about you, but I’m simultaneously feeling all three of these emotions! At the risk of sounding cliché, preparing for the conference has been an emotional rollercoaster.

To begin, I can’t believe that the conference will be starting in less than a week. When I first applied to the Golden Key scholarship, March seemed so far away; after months of speaking of the conference as an abstract future event, its reality is finally dawning on me.  Unfortunately, with this reality comes fright and nervousness. I’ve never attended a Student Affairs conference before; in fact, I’ve never attended a professional conference of any kind! I’m throwing myself into a whole new world, and being so outside of my comfort zone is a frightening prospect. Then there’s challenge of learning all this new NASPA lingo – I can’t be the only one who had never heard of a “Knowledge Community” until a month ago!

Underneath all of the nervousness, however, I’m actually quite excited for the conference. This month has been full of new experiences, from ordering my first batch of business cards to signing up for a twitter account. Attending the conference has allowed me to have discussions with Student Affairs professionals at Occidental with whom I would not normally interact. And more than anything, it is exciting to be moving forward in my professional career development. With Student Affairs being a career that I am very seriously considering, it is exciting to know that that I am taking a huge step forward in transforming my personal and academic passions into a future career. In fact, I might even venture to say that attending the conference makes me a little less nervous about the thought of entering the job market upon graduating in May. Just a little bit – but a bit nonetheless.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in Chicago!

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