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Getting What You Wish For

March 6, 2010

Like most candidates I wanted to have a good number of interviews so that by the end of TPE I would have several institutions to choose from in terms of job prospects. I’d assumed that by contacting institutions in advance, when I got to TPE I”d rarely need to worry about checking my mailbox because everything would be pre-scheduled and it would be a simple matter of hanging out in the waiting areas and being whisked away to fabulous interviews. I’d done my research in advance and there would be no deviating from the plan.

Well with so many great positions here however, one can’t help but throw a few of those extra resumes into some employers mailboxes in the hopes of filling 1 or 2 of those empty spots on the schedule and when institutions send you something, you naturally decide to schedule because the job is great and that’s what we’re here for right?. Near the end of the 3rd day, filled with a weird combination of fatigue and excitement, I can’t help but think how funny it was believing that I could ever hope to plan for this.

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