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Reenergized and Excited: David Daniels and Judette Tobes

March 8, 2010

After attending the NUFP/SALT Luncheon yesterday, we are reenergized and excited for the future of our field!  Clearly, NASPA continues to influence recruitment, mentoring and support of undergrads in our profession.  After meeting some of today’s NUFP & SALT participants, we know these students will go on to do great work!  During the lunch, Gwen Dungy mentioned that faculty members were surprised at the number of applications for Student Affairs programs across the nation  (some schools mentioned 4 applicants for every 1 seat!).  We are amazed at the progress the field has already made and look forward to see how our new professionals and graduate students of tomorrow will shape the future.

We both feel that without our mentors, we would not be where we are today.  The excitement that we felt at our first national conference was daunting and, sometimes overwhelming.  But through KC involvement, we were able to find a comfortable place to connect and learn more about our profession.  We hope that all first time conference goers take advantage of the welcoming KC environments through out conference.  After all, they are the gateway to the profession!!

As we take on the challenge of leading a National Knowledge Community, we are reminded of the importance of producing and disseminating personal and professional development initiatives for our NPGS Community.  Both are extremely necessary for us to do, wherever we are on our career path.  Taking time to attend to both aspects of our lives ensures we are the best for our students, our families and for our selves.

We hope you have a great conference and if you want to learn more about our vision for the NPGS KC, please read our planning documents at the link below.

David Daniels and Judette Tobes Vision & Planning Guide

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