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We were all once a little ball: Lauren Wilson

March 9, 2010
Being a 2nd-year fellow and 2nd-time conference attendee weren’t the only things that gave me a different outlook during the NUFP/SALT Pre-Conference this year. As I looked down and watched my nametag bounce as my child kicked it around from inside my belly, I had an epiphany-ish moment: everyone in the room, from Fellow to mentor to SSAO to NASPA Leadership to our good friend Nathan began the same way. We were ALL once a little ball of kicking, punching energy, dancing around in someone’s belly. But more importantly, we were all allowed the *chance* to become the people we are today. Thinking about the connections I’ve made, reunions I’ve had, and discussions I’ve contributed to, I wonder how my experience would be different if all of us – or even just one of us – had not been given the chance to exist. I wonder if my absence from the world would have caused a void, or if someone else would have come along and taken the place and occupied the space that would have been mine.

Then I stop, because I am here. I am present. So I must have something to contribute, just as my fellow Fellows and those mentoring us into the field have something to contribute. So I’m giving this child the *chance* to exist on this Earth, and hoping that she’ll be fortunate enough to be surrounded by positive and powerful contributors to this world, as I have been at this pre-conference. 🙂

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