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With the Wind Came Change: Kim McAloney

March 18, 2010

What an amazing experience!  As I prepared to travel to the Windy City, I had no idea the affect the Conference would have on me.  NASPA’s Annual Conference was amazing!  We began the conference with a NUFP and SALT Pre-conference where I not only met other Fellows, but began to build relationship with these Fellows that will last beyond our careers.  At the Pre-Conference, I also learned about a Social Change Leadership Model and Multiple Identity Theory that really helped me understand who I am and how I want to lead.

Volunteering throughout the conference brought many incredible opportunities including having the opportunity to escort student affairs legacies during the Opening Ceremony!  It was quite an experience being in the President’s Suite with 21 legacies, 2009-2010 NASPA President Mike Segawa,  and all the other important people present.  This was definitely an event to remember.

The Annual Conference sessions and general speakers were fantastic!  Common themes I learned from sessions I attended was the importance of language – the words we use and how we use them, the strength of collaboration, the purpose and importance of being intentional, and to have high expectations of myself, my professors, colleagues, and my future students.

The most life changing part of this experience was that I can do anything!  I know it seems trivial – something you hear as a child from a parent or loved one, but at this conference, this knowledge went from my head, to my heart.  I can do anything!  I can do amazing things and make and be a positive change wherever I am.  This is attainable and within my grasp.  For me, Chicago was a wonderful, life changing experience!

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