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All Goals Accomplished, Now its time to start making plans for NASPA 2011!: Muni Adebimpe

March 29, 2010

At the conference I met so many amazing and legendary individuals.  Some offered a helping hand when necessary and other took the initiative and stated they were willing to serve as a mentor to me! This experience cannot be transcribed in any other way than besides saying it was above and beyond my expectations for professional development, and personal growth. I would have to say that my conference goals, which revolved around social justice education, development, and program implementation, were met to the fullest. In fact there were too many educational sessions to choose from, I was so indecisive and wanted to attend all of them. As most of you all know I have a great deal of background working with at-risk student populations and this conference assisted me in developing ideas which I can bring back to my university. How students respond to programs developed for at risk students and further how assessment plays a major role in the effectiveness of programs for at risk students. This information will not only assist me in my current assistantship at the University of Rhode Island but it will assist in my capstone assessment project which specifically focuses on at risk student populations at URI.

The African American Women’s summit left me speechless. The ideas and examples these women set forth amazed me. They wanted to see African American women succeed in the field of higher education and they provided tools, advice, guidance and instruction (simply amazing). Volunteering really helped me in networking and meeting a good majority of the people behind the scenes and it truly helped me have a greater appreciation for the organization that I belong to and will always belong to. I met so many individuals at this conference and so many that were willing to offer a helping hand in my job search. I cannot express my deepest appreciation for the opportunity that was presented to me. I was able to experience the best of both worlds.

From this trip I was inspired to do something a little different on my spring break so I decided to come down to Birmingham, Alabama (A historic place for the movement) event though I am still here thus far, I have visited the 16th street Baptist church that was bombed during the civil rights movement, then I marched to the civil rights institute where I became overwhelmed with emotion, and now I am volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham. As a result of this conference I feel as though I have been transformed into a servant leader. Lastly, being here in Birmingham helped me Live the Legacy further and I am confident that the movement and fire within me will never die because of my NASPA 2010 conference attendance.

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