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Reflections on the NASPA Conference: Sam Siner

April 13, 2010

I had a great time at the NASPA Conference – it was a very developmental experience. I was able to meet a ton of fascinating people, both NUFP peers and NASPA professionals. I had some great conversations about social justice and diversity. I attended a really interesting session on the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance, which I believe will be a strong force for mental health advocacy nationwide. In terms of conference attendance, I was able to do it all – I volunteered at TPE and took some videos, I attended several sessions, I went to the entire NUFP and SALT pre-conference, and I was able to network a lot. From my volunteer experience, I learned what TPE is like (which may serve me well in the future) and I gained confidence in approaching people to take videos of them. In terms of NASPA specifically, I learned a lot about the organization and how it functions. It was a real honor to escort Peggy Barr onto the stage during the opening program. I think that my commitment to the field was bolstered by the conference – I’m pretty sure that I will end up in the field of Student Affairs, starting either next year or in the future. The conference reaffirmed my commitment to mental health and student advocacy issues.

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